Amber Zeekaf

ethnographic connector

At STUDIO, Amber works on concept development in visuals and research and takes care of customer relations.

With a fascination for retail and the background stories of specialised stores, Amber connects essential ingredients for true concepts. Why are certain shop concepts so interesting, and what touches the consumer? After earning a BA in Fashion Management at TMO, Amber completed a master in Fashion Strategy at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. Inspired by small, personal, ‘curated’ stores, Amber emphasises the importance of customer service, product knowledge and emotional loyalty. Amber identifies and unravels trends and developments, which are difficult to recognise. With curiosity and an eye for photography, Amber nominates these developments through words and strong visuals that she connects to intuitive strategies and concepts. As a concept keeper, Amber treasures both creative and commercial aspects of a concept.

In her free time, Amber likes to explore the world as a photographer, sneaking up on surprising, unsuspecting birds and bees and kicking up leaves.

“I proceed with curiosity. I take notes, make pictures and I collect things that I find on my travels. I document and analyse my findings and notice patterns. It is about appreciating the details. I translate and structure my findings into strategies and concepts, I am a ethnographic connector”.

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