Martine Bovee

ethnographic explorer

At STUDIO, Martine works on concept development in words and research.

As a blend of a trend researcher, explorer and writer, Martine collects stories about new retail concepts, inspiring people and places, and she ties them together with patterns that she recognises in society and culture. She holds a BA in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam and earned a master in Fashion Strategy at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, where she extended her creative horizon. Through field research and surfing on stacks of magazine and books, Martine identifies trends and writes and visualizes compelling stories about new moods. She embraces crafts, community and emotional experience and translates these elements into new perspectives and creative concepts for future retail, through which she aims to inspire entrepreneurs to become aware of their role in the field.

Graced by wanderlust, Martine spends her free time hopping on trains travelling to upcoming destinations looking to be inspired by the new and unknown.

“It’s about recognising new ‘seeds’ that have a true story to tell and translating their value and quality into something sustainable for the future. Exploring with all my senses is at the root of my travels, experiences and conversations. I try to trace things back to their origins to return with new insights that craft tomorrow. I am an ethnographic explorer”.

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