June 2012

To unravel the social layers of fashion through the archetype of a dress

During AD-DRESS, the dress was approached as a messenger of social meanings and traditions. How do we buy clothes, and what memories are attached to specific garments and clothes? What are the meanings behind clothes, and how do we regard slow fashion? To find answers, the film AD-DRESS was made by Judith ter Haar. In this film, seven women, clients of Jones Arnhem, were interviewed about their most beloved dress. The dress can be regarded as the most important piece of clothing in the lives of many women, often carefully chosen for an occasion or handmade by mothers. The women took the role as actor and narrator and became co-designers in this project. The movie was presented in the store, and by using food as a connector, a dinner was organised in the store with special guests elaborating on the meanings of the dress. In this project, the store took the role as a gathering place for discussions on fashion and its social context.