January 2014

A lot of small bricks together build a strong house

The Retail Future Home concept is the brainchild of ‘STUDIO by judith ter haar’ and has been developed into an ‘interactive trend forecasting experience’ at the request of Modefabriek. In other words, the display in the connecting hall is not your everyday trend presentation, but an experience. We consider the shop of the future a home “where people live and share, where everyone is welcome and wants to be”. The metaphor of the house has been translated into various rooms in which creative entrepreneurs, fashion professionals and retailers join forces in their quest for new characteristics for the retailer of tomorrow.

The experience rooms of the Retail Future Home are aptly called the ‘Sense Room’, ‘Curation Room’, ‘Apothecary’,‘Silent Garden’ and the ‘We Room’.

Retail Future Home is an initiative of Modefabriek and STUDIO by judith ter haar and supported in part by CLICK NL | NextFashion, ArtEZ Fashion Masters, ArtEZ Modelectoraat, Gemeente Arnhem and Art Business Centre.