July 2014 

the philosophy of home grown

Sunday and Monday on the 13th & 14th of July, Retail Future Home presents its second edition at Modefabriek at Amsterdam RAI. The ‘Retail Future Home’ exhibition is a special collaboration between STUDIO by judith ter haar and Modefabriek, and gives visitors an in-depth and engaging exploration of current and future developments in retail and fashion.

This summer edition, titled ‘The Philosophy of Home Grown’, revolves around harvesting and gardening and celebrates the themes ‘SOURCE & GROW’, ‘CRAFT & CURATE’, ‘EAT & FEEL’, ‘WORK & SHARE’ and ‘TRADE & COLLECT’. These themes symbolise the life cycle of retail and products and growing from your local identity. With a carefully curated programme ranging from conversations, taste experiences, master classes, visualizations, open studio’s and a retail future home market, there will be plenty of inspiration to go around.

STUDIO invited inspiring designers, professionals and makers from a range of fields to come together to explore new visions on the life cycle of retail and products, from source to customer. Whether we are consumers, retailers, designers, buyers, managers or family-people, we are returning to the idea of mastery, going back to our fundamentals and personal meanings to products and surroundings.

The highlight of this edition is the Curation Room, that enriches the experience of color forecasting. Finding inspiration in the taste and moods of nature and seasons, Judith ter Haar and her team designed a palette of colours featuring shades that symbolise the colours of ‘earth’, ‘seeding’, ‘growth’, ‘blooming’ and ‘silence’. The colours used in this experience are developed in collaboration with textile dye specialist Connect 2 Colours, and a collection of threads are supported by the TextileMuseum in Tilburg. The colours are featured in the booklet ‘a hymn to the colours’ by Judith ter Haar, a compendium of colours and poetry.


Photo by Suzanne Valkenburg