project on photo: ad-dressartdirection

Aesthetics are woven into everything that we do. Tangible traces are expressed through products. By unravelling the layers and meanings attached to aesthetics and products, we create living and sensory experiences. We show our vision of aesthetics and design within creative landscapes.

How it works
We build relations with the customer through storytelling and visualizing. By translating our aesthetics into concept and design projects, interactive exhibitions and experiential events, we connect with your customers.



project on photo: shaping heritageresearch

We research as visual ethnographers. We understand behaviour and culture by entering someone’s world for a while: a city, a neighbourhood, a store or a different field of practice. We believe that, to understand cultural and social developments, we need to travel, experience and explore, trusting our intuition and making sociocultural analysis. Our key is to experience through daily life. It is easily forgotten that identity and quality are sometimes closer than you think. We therefore believe that this starts by looking around.

How it works
We dive into a community and listen, feel and look at what happens around us and explore the cultural indicators and initiatives of our time. We discover developments and translate our information into solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s neighbourhood environments, stores and businesses. This could be in the form of a city report, forecasting publication or a custom-made research for your business.


project on photo: coming soonvisiondevelopment

We organise ‘inspiration meetings’ where we share our thoughts through interactive experiences and visual presentations. We feed you with inspiration, ingredients, and tools to cook with, through which we create a recipe for joyful working and openness towards your business future.

How it works
By coming together and talking about your questions concerning the core and roots of your company we create a clear answer to show and present your visual identity, strategic approach and product design. Crafting such fertile breading grounds can be done by do-lectures, participatory events or inspiration days with each other.


project on photo: gastgastgebercuration

We archive, we gather, we compose, we collect and we search, through which we aim to create new visual worlds. Whether curating a collection of fashion, products or ideas, the recipe is the same. Layered stories that show our personal ideas on aesthetics.

How it works
Ask us to compose, gather and curate a visual story with a unique signature for your business. We can present this in a variety of forms, ranging from exhibitions, pop-up stores, future labs to books and catalogues.


photo: Jones Arnhemretailoring

Retail comes from the old French word ‘tailler’, which means, ‘to cut off, clip, pare, divide’ in terms of tailoring. Retail is our source of inspiration and we perceive a world in which we CAN-DO. We translate our understanding of society into new ideas for your business hub.

How it works
Together, we look at your store and business. We can analyse your shop from A to Z and prepare a tailor-made package to pave the way and give guidance for a true perspective on your own roots. We share our knowledge as retailer to retailer in visual merchandising, selecting your collection, branding or concept development and offer inspirational packages for businesses ranging from small shops to bigger brands.